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Happiness is in the insta(nt)

Do you dream of exhibiting your works?

The objective of the Happiness project is in the insta (s) is to offer everyone the possibility of pursuing their own artistic journey, of discovering the adventure of art, of exhibition, of questioning, of l emotion of meeting other artists and with spectators. This learning takes place with experienced accompanying artists who share their knowledge and experiences. Two galleries open in the heart of Paris are spaces for expression, tests, attempts, veritable exhibition laboratories.

Why should we do these two international research and creation laboratories?

These two exhibition laboratories galleries open in Paris, already host artists and exhibitions.

Artists find there both an original method of approaching art, inspiring testimonies of successful artist's career, and practical tools for successful exhibitions. Topics on and around art will be offered for everyone's reflection and shared either in the form of interviews, articles and during virtual or face-to-face meetings.

These two sites are also places of reflection and sharing of the feelings and experiences of artists in their daily practice. They will be able to share and discuss with the spectators around their complete creation process.


The happiness team

Gosia Warminska-Marszack and Xavier Gras are facilitators. They are leading the Happiness is project in the insta (s). They initiate the goals and coordinate them. They themselves are photographers and visual artists who welcome artists who have real qualities and who want to develop their creative paths. As part of the support they offer them, they invite them to meet the public through the multiple exhibitions they organize in Europe and in Paris.

Designers and graphic designers Bruce Brown and Arkadiusz complete the team for the design of the catalogs for each exhibition.


www.artists of le bonheur est dans l'insta(nt)

www.le bonheur est dans l'inta(nt)

insta: lebonheurestdanslinstant

"Happiness is in the moment" is one of the many components of the Intensity Group founded by Olivier Wahl. Olivier supports artists, facilitates artistic projects in all areas.

The Intensity Group is an artists incubator.

The Intensity Group gives artists legitimacy and means, to honor their meeting with the public.

The Intensity group has two research and creation laboratory-galleries in Paris.

FB: https://urlz.fr/eKox

Insta: https://urlz.fr/eKpY


Laboratoire et galerie d'exposition 13 rue de l’Échiquier 75010 Paris France

Laboratoire d'exposition "le bonheur est dans l' instant" 72 rue Amelot 75011 Paris

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photo Claudia Revidat
(photo Claudia Revidat)

Living in Paris for 30 years as an expatriate New Yorker, veteran rocker and author Elliott Murphy’s career in music and literature is more active than ever. He has released over 35 albums, still performs shows all over Europe as well as the U.S. and Japan and is a prolific author of fiction. Four decades have passed since the release of Elliott’s classic first album AQUASHOW (1973) and fans continue to fill his shows while critics praise his albums. In 2016 a bio-pic of his career THE SECOND ACT OF ELLIOTT MURPHY featuring interviews with Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen was released all over Europe and won the Audience award at the Dock of the Bay Film Festival in Spain.

Born to a show business family, Elliott began his music career with a troubadour like odyssey in Europe in 1971 including a bit part in Federico Fellini’s film Roma. Returning to the US he quickly secured a recording contract and following the success of his first album AQUASHOW came LOST GENERATION (Produced by Doors producer Paul Rothschild), NIGHT LIGHTS (featuring Billy Joel), JUST A STORY FROM AMERICA (featuring Phil Collins and Mick Taylor), and SELLING THE GOLD (featuring Bruce Springsteen) all the way to his most current releases PRODIGAL SON (2017) and ELLIOTT MURPHY IS ALIVE! (2018) both produced and mixed by his son Gaspard Murphy

Manager of Nowy Świat Muzyki (FB: @NowySwiatMuzyki), in Warsaw (Poland) where she organizes numerous artistic events. Her achievements include organizing daily Chopin concerts taking place 365 days a year. Due to her openness, which she owes to her to the fact that she spent a part of her life in France (where she studied), she has organized countless exhibitions, theater performances, festivals and concerts. Her openness to off and commercial art means that every artist will find shelter for his or her sensitivity at Nowy Świat 63. She loves the undiscovered, unconventional and unfledged, and thus creates a new reality and opens the door to a cult place for every stray soul.

Therefore, she did not hesitate a minute to take under her wings the exhibition of independent photographers publishing their photos on Instagram. She was captivated by the idea of taking inspiration from Chopin’s nocturnes and proposed the organization of an accompanying concert in the dark. Chopin’s piano works will be performed by Anna Hajduk-Rynkowicz.

On entering Nowy Świat Muzyki, you will be greeted not only by amazing Beata, but also by cat Frederick, a good spirit of this place